Jordan EdelHeit 

Birth Doula 

Jordan is committed to supporting you every step of the way with a positive and caring attitude.  She completed her Birth Doula training at Natural Resources in San Francisco and continues to research and gather resources to help your birth journey. 

 She is dedicated to working together with you as you explore the ways in which you feel best supported along this transformation into parenthood.  

Using evidence based information, she will help you explore your options and provide guidance as you safely navigate your way through your pregnancy and birth. 

Before Jordan began her career as a doula, she decided to travel  all over the United States in an 8,000+ mile road trip where she gathered information and interviewed people to learn about different lifestyles and cultures.  She believes it has helped her grow and understand the many different ways to support the couples she now supports as a doula. 

Client Testimonials


"Jordan was an incredibly thoughtful, patient, and warm presence during the last couple of months of my pregnancy. Jordan was always eager to check in over the phone, by text, and through video chat. When I felt pressured and confused about a possible induction, Jordan listened non-judgmentally and helped me figured out what I wanted by asking me questions. I believe that thanks to that conversation, I ended up having the natural, medication-free birth that I wanted. My husband also felt Jordan was very supportive, and he says she helped him understand what to expect and how he could be most helpful to me. Jordan’s even continued to check in with me and share breastfeeding resources months after my daughter’s birth. I highly recommend her!"

~CLAIRE K.~San Francisco

"As the non-birthing partner, I was initially skeptical of the value of a doula, especially with doulas not being allowed during delivery in the face of COVID. However, our experience with Jordan was phenomenal and I'm not sure how we would have navigated 24 hours of laboring at home and myriad issues at the hospital without Jordan by our side, both in-person at our home and en route to the hospital and virtually after we were admitted. Every interaction with Jordan was exceptional due to her consistent empathy, balanced guidance, and unwavering commitment to us at any hour of the day. My wife's delivery was very smooth and we credit much of this to the work Jordan did with us while we were laboring at home. Jordan literally didn't leave our side for nearly 24 hours and made what was at first a very stressful experience into a memory that both my wife and I will cherish. Furthermore, Jordan was an excellent advocate for us with our delivery team despite the challenges presented by COVID restrictions. Jordan has continued to follow-up with us and provide useful information to my wife. Jordan's attention to details that matter didn't end with the birth of our son. She also wrote a very touching card to our son that helped memorialize his birth and the labor process to get there. I can't recommend Jordan enough and we feel so fortunate that she was available to work with us."

~MORGAN B.~ San Francisco