Kirsten Dudley

Birth Doula 

With over 20 years experience caring for babies, Kirsten is a natural when it comes to helping new moms transition into motherhood. She is originally from Liverpool, England and is now living with her family in Marin County.  She has 6 beautiful children who all arrived in their own unique way. This helped prepare Kirsten for her journey into becoming a doula.  She trained to become a doula with DTI (Doula Training International) as both a birth and postpartum doula, but she feels called to supporting the journey into parenthood by guiding people through pregnancy and birth.  

One thing that stood out to Kirsten when she moved to the United States was how different the health care system was for maternal care.  She believes that the care surrounding the pregnancy should have a focus on the entire family. Kirsten wants to make sure that all questions are asked and answered during your pregnancy and labor so you can make educated decisions along the way.  In postpartum she wants to help you get set up for success while families establish their new bond, so she goes above and beyond to make sure you have the support you need. She has a passion for educating parents and guiding them to find their own style that works best for them.  Kirsten supports any method of labor style and will help you navigate what works best for you. She breastfed all her children and has enjoyed helping others develop the skills to establish a healthy start. 

She will give you practical advice and support you emotionally through your pregnancy and birth, giving you the confidence you need to an empowered birth.

Kirsten is a rockstar doula

When we me for a first time after the initial phone call, I had a feeling that I met an old friend. Knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic friend. There was a connection. I wanted her to be with me on this journey of my pregnancy and delivery. And that was a great choice!

She carefully listened to me and followed my needs all the time. Kirsten was by my side - via texts, emails, phone calls and in person when needed. I got all the answers, support, encouragement that I was looking for. All our meetings left me smiling and calm - and that is a big deal.

I am so grateful she was with me, holding my hand in the hospital. Not only she made me feel physically comfortable (as much as it can be during delivery), but also took care of most of the communications with medical professionals (according to our birth plan, allowing me to avoid answering same questions multiple times etc and keeping focus) She was truly there for me. If you ask me who was the new r doctor or was in the room- I have no idea, I looked only at Kirsten.

While it's hard to describe all the work she's done for me, I'd like to say that I had a birth experience that I was dreaming about. And I'm sure it is because of Kirsten. She helped me to stay confident, ready and kind of relaxed.

My only regret is that I didn't met her when I was pregnant with my first baby. No jokes-  working with Kirsten was the best decision and the best investment.

~ALINA F~ San Francisco, Ca

Kirsten Dudley is my hero. I had an extremely fast labor with my second child and did not make it to the SF Birth Center as planned. We were working with Jennifer Darwin at GGDA and Kirsten was our back up doula in the event that my labor moved quickly and we needed someone in the neighborhood (we live in Marin). Needless to say, once I went into labor Jennifer knew she wasn't going to make it from the city in time, so she called up Kirsten who jumped out of bed and arrived at our door just in time to catch my daughter. Having an unplanned home birth can be stressful, but Kirsten immediately put me at ease and we are so thankful for her presence at our daughter's birth. It was such a unexpected night and I am so grateful that Kirsten was a part of it. We adore her and would recommend her to anyone!

~A Johnson~ San Francisco, Ca

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