Kristin Loe

Birth Doula

Kristin decided to leave her job at a local law firm and pursue her dream of supporting people during their journey into parenthood. She completed her doula certification training at Natural Resources in San Francisco and has found her true calling as a doula supporting people through pregnancy, labor and into the postpartum period. 

Kristin was drawn to this work after she watched several of her friends struggle to navigate their way through pregnancy and birth.  She has now made it her goal to make sure that you feel supported and safe during your entire journey. She loves to study and research all the ways to support people who are giving birth.  

In her spare time, Kristin is also an amateur astrologer and, if you would like, she even does birth chart readings.

Client Testimonilas 

From the first time we met and interviewed with Doula Kristin, it was obvious that she was prepared and knowledgeable. Her communication skills were great. We appreciated her ability to articulate a large amount of information during the initial meetings and then, during the labor at home process, she had a calm, confident, soothing, and reassuring manner. We were also thankful for how promptly she responded to all of our inquiries and how quickly she was able to come to our house and meet us at the hospital. Once at the hospital she was able to predict Lani's needs and help her cope / provide comfort with various measures. Kristin's doula bag full of tricks and goodies was incredibly useful and she was able to balance that fine line of being helpful and available without being intrusive. We were fairly nervous about the whole birthing process but ended up assured with her advice and direction.

~LANI & KURT~ San Francisco, Ca

We loved having Kristin as our doula!  This was our first baby and it made all the difference having Kristin's support as we navigated having a "natural" birth in a hospital setting. Kristin is kind, nurturing and knowledgeable ... she helped us think through some tough decisions, e.g. whether to induce and when and provided both the practical and emotional support we needed during this exciting chapter of our lives. We loved every minute of our birth experience, even the tough parts and are grateful to Kristin for guiding us through it all :)  Thank you Kristin!

~W. RYAN~ San Francisco, Ca

Kristin was wonderful to work with. She paid careful attention to what we were saying and really customized what she spoke to and what I needed. I appreciated that she gave me ways to reduce my stress and loved the affirmations she sent to me. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey but was made more stressful during the pandemic but Kirstin's support made all the difference despite her not being able to be present at the delivery. My partner also felt like because of Kristin's help he had the tools to better support me and felt prepared for what was coming.

~LAUREN P.~ San Francisco, Ca