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Labor Doula Support

$1900-$3200 for Labor Doula Package​


We do not want anyone to be without a doula due to financial reasons.

We offer a Low Fee Labor Doula Package to 2 clients per month who are experiencing financial hardships.


  • Free Educational Workshops- The doulas at GGDA have put together 4 one hour workshops for our clients to help them prepare for their baby's arrival.  We discuss important prenatal and postpartum topics: Newborn Care Essentials, Comfort Techniques During Labor, Breast Feeding Basics, Prepping for Postpartum. These workshops are offered ONLY to our clients.

  • Free Breastfeeding and Pelvic Floor Clinics- on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, our clients can attend a 90 minute Breastfeeding Clinic with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The 3rd Thursday, you can attend a "Vag Clinic" with a Pelvic Floor Therapist. These clinics are great before and after your baby arrives! 

  • Immediate On Call- A doula who will go on call for you as soon as you sign a contract. No need to worry if you go into labor early or past your due date.

  • *2 Prenatal Visits- First prenatal we will go over your ideas for your labor, pain management, and assist you with developing a practical birth plan. The second prenatal will be at your home where we will explore a plan for early labor, make sure your bags are packed, practice comfort techniques, and go over any last-minute details.  We can provide these prenatal sessions in person or virtual. 

  • *Partner Prep Course- This session is designed to help your partner* have the hands-on skills to support you from early labor to pushing support. The doula will show them how to use a TENS unit and other comfort techniques that will help your labor progress

  • *Birth Ball- We will supply you with a custom-fitted birth ball to use during your pregnancy and labor. Pro-Tip: they are also great for calming a fussy baby after the birth. 

  • *Free TENS Unit Rental- Once you are at full term, we will provide you with a TENS unit to use at home to help ease the aches and pains of late pregnancy and early labor before your doula arrives. What is a TENS unit?

* Check with your individual doula about the specifics of their package. Some have additional offerings or a slightly modified version of this one. 


  • Labor- Your Doula helps guide you and your partner through all stages of labor.  How to feel safe and cope with early labor, pain management during active labor and stay with you until you meet your baby.

  • Expert Pain Coping Techniques- Our non-medical techniques include acupressure, positioning, aromatherapy, hot/cold therapy, massage, and the use of a professional labor TENS unit (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). All of these are safe to use along with the medications given at the hospitals if you chose to have a medicated birth. 

  • Baby's First Feeding Support- After your baby arrives, your doula will stay with you and help to support you during your "Golden Hour" of skin to skin with your new baby. Your doula can offer guidance and support during the baby's first latch. 


  • Postpartum Follow Up- This visit is about 1-2  hours long, it can be done in the hospital before you are discharged or in your home before the first 3 weeks. The doula who attended your birth can answer any questions you had and share information about your birth. It's also a great time to answer questions about your baby or breastfeeding. ​​

  • Stay Connected-  You can choose to stay connected to our family even after you are finished with your service. "Retired" families can attend our Parent Brunches and New Parent Support Groups, and all our private social media programs.  Once you become "expert" parents, you can share your knowledge with new/expecting parents!