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Doula Jen
Doula Heather
Doula Alexandra
Doula Clara
Doula Michelle
Doula Meghan
Doula Caitlyn
Doula Kirsten
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Doula Roxane
Doula Maliya
Jennifer Darwin

Birth Doula, Nurse,

Infant CPR Instructor,

Birth Educator,

Director of Doula Services 

Heather Hughes

Birth Doula, 

Infant Massage Instructor,

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage


Alexandra Daigle

Birth Doula, 


Reiki Practitioner, Placenta Encapsulator

Clara Love

Birth Doula, 

Lactation Educator Counselor,

Registered Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Meghan and Michelle 

Doula Team

In 2018 Meghan and Michelle joined together to support their clients. When you work with this team, you will meet with both doulas prenatally. They will both be on call for your labor and share the hours of support in 12 hour shifts. 

Michelle Gunderson
Meghan Murphy

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Certified Breastfeeding Educator

Michelle Gunderson

Birth Doula, 

Certified Child Birth Educator
Meghan Murphy

Birth Doula, 

Certified Lactation Educator Counselor  

Caitlyn Schollmeier

Birth Doula, 

Licensed Nurse,

Certified EMT, Student Nurse Midwife


Certified Birth Doula,

Child Birth Educator

Roxane Thompson

Birth Doula, Reiki Practitioner 

Maliya  Rubio-Mills

Birth Doula

Certified Birth Worker

Childbirth educator

Doula Lupe
Doula Ruth
Doula Carmen
Doula Kirsten
Lupe Virgen, MA

Certified Postpartum Night Doula, 

Newborn Care Specialist, Medical Assistant, Health Educator

Doula Crystal
Doula Mei
Doula Lidia
Ruth Davis-Fyer, MA

Certified Postpartum Night Doula, 

MA in Counseling Psychology,

Certified Health Coach, Child/Family Therapy, Massage Therapist

Carmen Figueroa

Certified Postpartum Day/Night Doula, 

Newborn Care Specialist

Kirsten Junghans

Certified Postpartum Night Doula, 

Infant Care Specialist, Postpartum Chef

Crystal Bejarano 

Certified Postpartum Night Doula, 

Newborn Care Specialist

Mei Duong

Postpartum Day and Night Doula, 

Certified Newborn Care Specialist 

Lidia Colindres

Certified Postpartum Night Doula, 

Infant Care Specialist

Doula Caitlyn
Doula Isa
Caitlyn Pender

Certified Postpartum Day Doula, 

Certified Newborn Care Specialist,

Certified Lactation Counselor,

Newborn Photographer, Postpartum Chef

Isa Woodyard

Certified Postpartum Day Doula, 

Sibling Doula

Office Located at:
678 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
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