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Labor Doulas

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Doula Jen
Doula Janae
Doula Clara
Doula Michelle
Doula Meghan
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Doula Roxane
Doula Kirsten
Doula Taylor
Doula Kristin
Doula Jordan
Doula Adara

Postpartum Doulas

Doula Ruth
Doula Alexandra
Doula Kirsten
Doula Ashley
Doula Mei
Doula Hanen
Doula Victoria
Doula Lidia
Doula Isa

When you choose to work with a Golden Gate Doula, we are dedicated to helping you through pregnancy, labor, and into parenthood. 

Birth Doulas

Our Birth Doulas work together as a team to make sure that you have an experienced doula for your labor.  You will have a primary doula who meets with you during your pregnancy to make sure you have the skills and confidence to begin your journey into labor. Our Senior Labor Doulas have years of experience and have attended hundreds of births in the Bay Area.  The Associate Labor Doulas are trained and certified doulas who are building a strong start into their doula careers. They work directly with the Senior Labor Doulas in our practice to provide you with evidence-based information for your pregnancy and birth. 

Postpartum Doulas

We feel that the postpartum period is often not focused on enough during your pregnancy journey. Our postpartum doulas will go above and beyond to help your transition into parenthood a positive and enjoyable experience. All the doulas are trained in postpartum recovery, newborn care, lactation, and postpartum nutrition. They are certified and have additional education and training by pediatric nurses who keep them current on all the latest from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Doulas are all Infant CPR certified, current on vaccines, and have clear background checks. 


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