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Jennifer Darwin

Birth Doula, Nurse,

Birth Educator, Director

& Founder of GGDA

Jennifer started her journey as a birth worker as a Labor and Delivery nurse in Dallas, Texas.  She has attended over 1,000 births as a nurse and birth doula. Jennifer uses her background and knowledge to help guide families and support their wishes at home as well as in the hospital setting. Once you arrive at the hospital, she will help you get settled in and work together with the staff to make sure your birth preferences are communicated . She feels it is important for you to know your options along the way so you are able to make safe and educated decisions that you feel comfortable with. 

The birth of your child should be a wonderful and joyous experience, Jennifer will help you feel confident and supported before, during and after the birth of your baby.    

She has additional education in Maternal Nutrition, Breast Feeding, Advanced Maternal Age risks, and medications that are used in the delivery room.  Jennifer is a proud mother of a 24 year old daughter who she breastfed until she was 18 months old.

Jennifer is the Founder of the GGDA and teaches Infant Safety and CPR.

Birth Doula, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapist

 ​Heather is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, as well as a massage practitioner.  Heather's best tools in her doula kit are her hands and her ability to provide a calm environment.

She is a Bay Area Native, and mother of 2 young boys. 

After Heather became a certified birth doula through Cornerstone Doula Training, she felt she wanted to grow her doula skills. She decided to continue on to an advanced training from the Brooklyn based Carriage House Birth where she learned additional Evidence Based training. Heather uses her intuition and experience as a doula and massage therapist to help guide you through your pregnancy and birth journey. She has a calming presence in the birth space and allows you to feel safe and supported every step of the way.   

Heather is the GGDA Infant Masasage Instructor and offers prenatal and postpartum massage to our clients within the Golden Gate Family. 

Alexandra Daigle

Birth Doula, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner

Alexandra is a certified Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner. Her background has always been in the healthcare field in a supportive/guiding coaching role. She worked locally for a non-profit as a rape crisis and medical advocate.

Since doing her doula training at Cornerstone, Alexandra feels that this is her life’s work. She is passionate that her clients never feel judged by the way they choose to give birth.  She focuses very closely on creating a team around the birth that is supportive of the birth preferences. Alexandra works extremely hard with partners to prepare them for the transformative experience that will unfold in front of them, and how to support their loved one during labor.

Alexandra uses breath work and positive redirecting during labor. She has an incredible calm demeanor about her, and warmth that will make you feel right at home.

Alexandra is also our in home Medicine Maker and can prepare prenatal and postpartum teas, sitz baths, and tinctures. She also will be facilitating our Blessing way ceremonies for small groups, or specialized 1:1 opportunities.

Heather Hughes
Meghan and Michelle 

Doula Team

In 2018 Meghan and Michelle joined together to support their clients. When you work with this team, you will meet with both doulas prenatally. They will both be on call for your labor and share the hours of support in 12 hour shifts. 

Michelle Gunderson

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Michelle has always been fascinated with birth and babies. In 2005, she became pregnant with her first child. She remembers her family being anxious as they tried to offer support during her birth. That was when she realized the importance of having someone who has experience with childbirth to help guide her and ground her through the process. Later, she learned about doulas and the ways to support women in child birth. 

In 2013 and 2014, she trained with Cornerstone Doula Training and received her birth and postpartum certifications. Michelle decided to expand her experience by becoming a Certified Childbirth Educator. In addition to those training courses, she has also taken classes on optimal fetal positioning and how to assist women in home-births. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Michelle believes it is important to adapt all her training to the birth preferences of her clients and is passionate about supporting couples through their ideal birth journey.

Michelle speaks English and Italian

Meghan Murphy

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Certified Breastfeeding Educator

Meghan has been supporting new families since 2007, She is passionate about providing care during such an important and transformative time in life. She believes in providing fact-based information without judgment or bias. Meghan has a background

in psychology and human services but shortly after moving to San Francisco, she found her calling as a doula supporting women through pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. Meghan uses her experience as a prenatal yoga instructor to help with positions during pregnancy and labor to allow for more comfort.  Meghan became a Certified Breastfeeding Educator to help her guide women into their breastfeeding journey. She truly loves her profession, the families she works with and of course, the babies!

Meghan is a mother to a six year oldand three year old twin girls.While she's not at work, she's spending time with her girls, volunteering, cooking, doing yoga or playing outside.  

Meghan teaches prenatal and postpartum Yoga at the GGDA Yoga Studio

Clara Love

Clara lived in Shanghai with her family for over a decade where she practiced prenatal/postpartum yoga. She found her calling as a doula after giving birth to her children and while working with pregnant yoga students. She completed her circle of care by training and certifying with DONA International. As a prenatal yoga teacher, it is her aim to help a woman work with her body through labor and not fear the normal process of birth. She strives to help women be prepared both physically and mentally for childbirth and becoming a mother. Clara experienced the many benefits of bringing her baby to the yoga mat and loves seeing new moms gaining confidence and balance through mom and baby yoga. As a lactation educator and counselor, she also helps moms feel prepared and supported in breastfeeding.

Clara believes when a mom feels well supported through the cycle of pregnancy, childbirth and into the postnatal period, it helps families get off to the best possible start on the journey of parenthood.

Clara, her husband and 2 boys moved from Shanghai to Marin County in 2015 where they love spending time by the water and taking advantage of all the bay area has to offer.

Clara teaches Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga at the GGDA Yoga Studio

Birth doula, registered prenatal yoga teacher, lactation educator counselor

El is a full-spectrum doula, she trained with Doulas of North America (DONA) in 2010. In 2011, she had an opportunity to live and work with a community midwife in Guatemala, where she assisted with home births in the mountainous indigenous region outside of Antigua. Upon returning to the States, El deepened her knowledge of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum while attending births as a doula and working as a midwife’s assistant in a busy birthing center and home-birth practice. Since 2015, El has been in midwifery school through the National Midwifery Institute, and graduated in Winter 2018. El has completed most of her midwifery training through apprenticeship at Pacifica Family Maternity Center in Berkeley. Her midwifery training has greatly expanded her knowledge and intuition and is a great asset to her doula work both at home and in the hospital setting. El has attended around 200 births in the roles of doula, midwife’s assistant, and apprentice midwife.

El Tarver

Graduate Midwife. Birth Doula




Certified Postpartum/Night Doula
MA in Counseling Psychology; Child/Family Therapy, Certified Health Coach & Massage Therapist

Molly Harrison

Certified Day/Night Postpartum Doula 

Newborn Care Specialist 

Guadalupe Virgen

Certified Day/Night Postpartum Doula 

Newborn Care Specialist,

Medical Assistant, Health Educator

Carmen Figeroa

Certified Day/Night Postpartum Doula 

Newborn Care Specialist 

Ruth has a calm, healing presence, and a love for children of all ages... especially babies! She is CPR/First Aide Certified, current on all vaccines, and brings over 30 years of professional training and experience with children and families. Ruth worked for over 10 years as a Child/Family Therapist in schools, clinics, hospitals, and “in-home” all over the bay area. She's taught workshops in pain management and sleep hygiene for adults, baby massage for new parents, and yoga/meditation for children. Ruth has been a mother, nanny, pre-school teacher, teacher trainer, and a favorite “auntie" for friends/family members. She is also an artist, and a night owl, so Doula work has been a perfect fit! Ruth maintains a private practice in her Oakland CA studio, specializing in Health Coaching and Somatic Therapies, including Cranial Sacral Therapy, which is excellent for newborns, and offered as part of our services with no additional charge.  ​
​Background check performed and cleared.

Lupe brings over 18 years of experience with children and families to our group. She has a talent for getting babies (and parents) into a good schedule.  She has worked as a nanny, Pediatric Medical Assistant at Kaiser, Massage Therapist and a Postpartum Doula.  She received her Massage Therapist and Health Educator certificate from The National Holistic Institute in 2003 and then built on to her education by becoming a Medical Assistant in 2005. After years of working with families, she decided to become certified as a Postpartum Doula at Natural Resources in San Francisco.  She has a passion for the "Fourth Trimester" and loves to help new moms gain the confidence and knowledge to care for their newborn babies. She has experience working with twins and premature babies. Lupe is CPR and First Aid Certified, she is fluent in Spanish and English, and current on her vaccines.  Lupe lives in San Francisco with her 8 year old son and daughter who she gave birth to in 2018. ​​Background check performed and cleared.

Molly has always had a natural inclination towards nurturing and care taking as well as a deep love for children. She understands the physical, psychological, and at times even emotional healing that takes place after birth. Her passion for women supporting women, female empowerment, and women-centered care are a few reasons why she’s passionate about Doula work. After becoming a doula she decided to further her education in a way that would be helpful to new parents and became a Certified Newborn Care Specialist.  Molly is also Certified in both CPR and First Aide. She is also trained in Reiki I and Reiki II and believes that both energy work and a holistic approach can be profoundly helpful for both mama and baby, whether in the womb or postpartum. Creating a peaceful environment from the inside out can lead to a joyful birth experience and a blissful postpartum time. She'd love to help guide you on this remarkable journey. She is current on all her vaccines.  Background check performed and cleared.

Carmen has more than 15 years’ experience with newborn babies and families. She is the mother of two children of her own. Carmen is certified as Postpartum Doula, certified as a Newborn Care Specialist and for infant/newborn CPR. In addition to being reliable and enthusiastic about working with new birth parents and newborns, she also brings practical knowledge that is very useful. With over a decade of experience with families, children and newborns, she is unique in having the very personal experience of integrating siblings to the arrival of their new baby into the family. She has an aptness at helping transition expecting parents to parenthood. She is a calming, non-judgmental and thoughtful. Carmen is quick to remember the entire family is adjusting to the new arrival,using a guiding hand to acclimate everyone. Carmen will be helpful during this process by making sure that new mom has the physical and emotional support she deserves.

Background check performed and cleared. 

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