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Charley Tessier

Postpartum Doula, New Parent Coach

Charley is one of the newest postpartum doula to the highly experienced team of Golden Gate Doula Associates.  That said, what she lacks in time aboard, she makes up for in a lifetime of experience as a professional childcare provider!  Charley brings more than 18 years of professional childcare experience, with over 15 years working exclusively with high-profile families where she learned a unique appreciation of the importance of personal initiative, great communication, a keen attention to detail, and excellent interpersonal skills, all while operating with complete discretion and confidentiality.  In that time, Charley has worked with parents and children at every stage of the developmental process.


As a postpartum doula, Charley brings a warm, calming, and supportive presence to any newly transitioning home, as the family adjusts to those first days and weeks after introducing a new baby.  In an effort to empower the strength and cohesion of the family as a unit, Charley focuses her expertise on the needs and welfare of the entire family, offering education, training, physical, and emotional support as the process of recovering from birth evolves into a unique and newfound lifestyle such that many adjustments and a blossoming routine require the successful implementation of all members of the household.


To accomplish a successful and enjoyable transition, Charley advocates deeply for a nurturing and attentive attitude during all stages of this evolving, and at times sensitive, process.  As such, Charley works with all members of the family to not only assist with baby care basics—like diapering, swaddling, feeding, and bathing—but also in order to promote a conscientious routine of self-care and balance.  In doing so, Charley targets the establishment of gentle sleep associations and rhythms of infant care; addresses the best remedies to soothe and calm a fussy baby; demonstrates the best techniques for baby massage and holistic comforting therapies; and teaches the most effective manners with which to recognize infant communication cues.  


In addition to her impressive experience and expertise, Charley has also trained extensively in various child psychology and developmental programs, including the Montessori Method, sleep training, elimination communication, and sign language for preverbal children; all of which, she has been able to progressively implement in her work.  Needless to say, Charley has a great passion for providing the support necessary for infants, children, and their parents, to prosper in the incredibly gratifying field of childcare!


A Los Angeles, California, native, Charley started her career in childcare when she began working for a high-profile family in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Beverly Hills.  Eventually, this role took Charley away from California as the family opted to relocate to Miami, Florida, contracting Charley to relocate with them.  Although this move caused Charley to spend most of her adult life outside of California in other major international cities like Miami, London, Rome, and New York—where she met her wife while studying at Columbia University in the City of New York—, Charley had always wished for a return to her home state of California.


Despite the far-reaching and devastating impact of COVID-19, Charley and her wife were fortunate enough to recently reestablish themselves in California and cement their new, permanent foundation in San Francisco's welcoming and dynamic Bay community.  Charley lives in San Francisco with her wife, Jennifer, and their two fur babies, The Viscount Cullen Alexander and The Earl Aeschylus Wellington.


  • Multiples (Twins Experience)

  • Infant Massage (Holistic Practitioner)

  • Newborn Care Specialist

  • Premature Newborn Care

  • CPR/First-Aid Certified

  • Current on all vaccines (including Covid)

  • Clear background check

  • Professionally Insured

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