Hanen Bouzidi

Postpartum Doula, Licensed Nurse, EMT,
Newborn Care Specialist

Hanen brings over a decade of experience with newborns and families to our group. She is a Licensed Nurse, EMT, and has her BA in Biology. She has a passion for helping babies (and parents) into a healthy sleeping and eating schedule. She began working at UCSF in the Labor and Delivery Unit in 2015. Before that, she worked in the ER at Kaiser, and spent 3 years working in the Transplant Unit at Sutter Health. She has a passion for the "Fourth Trimester" and loves to help new moms gain the confidence and knowledge to care for their newborn babies. Her non-judgmental support and ability to instill confidence in new parents is one of her best qualities. Hanen is fluent in French, Arabic (all dialects), Italian and English.  Hanen has had additional training through the Golden Gate Doula Program in Lactation Support, Sleep Training, and Newborn Care.

  • Special Needs Pediatric Care 

  • Twins Experience

  • Premature Newborn Care

  • Postpartum Chef

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Current on all vaccines

  • Clear background check

Client Testimonials

I can't say enough nice things about Hanen. She is warm and nurturing with our daughter, she is collaborative, supportive, energetic and just an all-around lovely person. We are so fortunate to have been connected to her via GGDA.

~Marissa S~ San Francisco, Ca

My partner and I discussed the possibility of a doula a few months before our due date; he's an essential worker with very limited paternity leave, and our families are out of town and we were reluctant to ask them to travel during COVID. Our son arrived early (and healthy) but during his delivery I incurred several uncommon complications requiring significant after care and we knew we needed help. I connected with Jen at Golden Gate Doulas, and she empathetically listened to our story and suggested we work with
Hanen because of her training as a nurse and my need for ongoing care.
We worked with Hanen for five weeks, and in that time she shared her experience and expertise, was warm and nurturing with my son, and took great care of me by making sure I ate frequently and drank enough water, took my vitamins and prescriptions, and kept up with my postpartum care. Hanen helped us get our changing station and baby's dresser organized (all things I planned to do in the last weeks of pregnancy!), kept our home tidy and organized, and she even introduced me to some delicious Tunisian recipes!
Hanen's support made all the difference in our post-partum experience and I highly recommend working with Golden Gate Doulas!

~Lindsay W~ San Francisco, Ca

My original plan was to have my mom flying over from overseas to take care of me after my labor and delivery but everything was canceled at the last minute because of covid pandemic shut down and flight cancellation before my due date. I was very concerned about my lack of postpartum support without my family around me besides just my husband. I knew we would be in deep trouble without extra help as I had prenatal anxiety before and I know I might have a great chance to have postpartum depression. Fortunately, I remember my newborn class tutor recommended me to look up doula support and I found golden gate doula and Hanen.
I am so so so glad to have hired Hanen as my postpartum doula. I was going under a lot of stress and tears with perineal tearing, high blood pressure, breastfeeding problems, and baby's high bilirubin result and Hanen took good care of my well-being besides taking care of my newborn.
Despite the normal nighttime help with feeding, diaper changing and baby laundry work, Hanen helped my baby back to a better feeding and sleeping routine so my husband and I could go to sleep as much as possible. She gave suggestions of how I should feed during day time so I would have a better routine with nighttime feeding and sleep. She listened and gave me some good advice about breastfeeding and formula mix with a good time frame when I was so frustrated with the contradicting opinions from my doctors and lactation consultants. She understood my Chinese postpartum cultural practices and we discussed a lot how to use herbs such as dates and ginger to improve the immune system after giving birth. I even showed her the easiest way to use a rice cooker so she could have her Tunisian dish with rice!
Doula Hanen saved my life being a first-time mom! Even though my mom couldn't come over, she was also so relieved to have her taking care of me and the baby. Can't say more thank yous to Hanen.

~Emily L~ San Francisco, Ca

Pricing: Night Shifts starting at $60/hr 
Day Shifts starting at $64/hr
Additional charges may apply:
 Travel/bridge tolls
Multiples $5/additional infants
Postpartum Package: 
  • Nursery Prep (prior to baby's arrival)
  • Monthly Online Lactation and Pelvic Floor Clinics 
  • Monthly Workshops to prepare for birth and postpartum
  • Professional advice and group messaging for parent
  • Expert referrals for lactation, pediatricians, pelvic floor
  • Helping establish healthy feeding and sleeping routines
Contact email: hanenilyes2015@gmail.com
Contact Number: 415-940-1370