Roxane Thompson

Birth Doula

Roxane is a DONA trained birth doula. She uses her skills with acupressure, her ability to bring calm to a hospital room and knowledge from her degree in Natural Health to better support you through your pregnancy, labor and birth.


She is very enthusiastic about exploring your options together and has successfully supported couples in a wide variety of birthing spaces with medical and non-medical births.  She helps you feel confident and prepared for labor by giving you the evidence based information needed to help achieve your ideal birth.  She works together with you and your birth team to bring a balanced energy to your birth space. She  supports parents by teaching them hands on skills for comfort and gathering information along the way to help you make educated decisions before and after your birth. The families have appreciated all her knowledge and her positive spirit she brings to the birthing space. It's no surprise that many couples feel like Roxane is a part of their family after working together with her. 

She lives in the Bay Area with her husband, has given birth to four amazing children, and is now a very engaged grandmother. 

Client Testimonials

It was a joy to work with Roxane in my birth process. She was a great listener, a wonderful advocate, and a translator extraordinaire for all things medical and birth-related during the entire journey. She was also a huge support to my husband in feeling prepared, and in navigating the wild unknown of labor and delivery at home and in the hospital. When we were first looking for a doula, we met with a number of people and Roxane immediately stood out as both loving and full of wisdom and practical expertise. She was exactly what we hoped for, and what we needed!

~Nina C.~ San Francisco, Ca

Roxane helped my wife and me through the birth of our first child. She was wonderful in coaching my wife before and during labor, and checking on us after our daughter was born. We're grateful for her upbeat positive energy, patience, compassion, and wisdom. My wife wanted to give birth without the help of pain medications, if possible. Roxane taught her what she could expect, tips to help my wife get through labor pains, and how to navigate decisions presented by the hospital staff. In particular, we found Roxane's vast experience with helping many mothers and her up-to-date healthcare knowledge to be invaluable. And during my wife's active labor, Roxane helped to comfort and coach her through the most painful moments. Even though the hospital staff was wonderful, we were thankful to have Roxane with us through our birth journey. We would highly recommend her to any expecting parents!

~Alan H.~ San Francisco, Ca

We are an international couple and we welcomed our first child in March (2020). Roxane is knowledgeable, kind and empowering and has been an absolutely wonderful doula to us. Throughout the prenatal time and of course during labor and birth Roxane has been part of our family. As a first time parent her support has been invaluable and made me and my husband we feel strong and empowered. We were in the hospital for 2.5 days and Roxane was at our side every second of it. Ultimately I had a really positive birth experience for which I am thankful. What struck me is how much Roxane cares for the families she works with, she went above and beyond to help us. In fact we are still in touch and she feels like family to us! We are very grateful to her and can highly recommend Roxane to any moms & dads to be!

~H. E.~ San Francisco, Ca

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Roxane's Birth Package:

  • *2 Prenatal Visits

  • *Immediate on-call (supported by Golden Gate Doulas)

  • *Monthly Educational Workshops

  • *Online Breastfeeding support (twice a month)

  • *Online Pelvic Floor clinic (once a month)

  • *Free TENS Unit Rental

  • *Expert Pain Coping techniques

  • *First Feeding/Golden Hour Support

  • *In home Postpartum Follow Up Meeting 

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