The GGDA Doulas offer you a complete circle of care 

Fertility Doula
Support Services

                                              Package Options Include:

                                     4 week session – $495

                                        8 week session – $890 (save $100)

                                       12 week session – $1285 (save $200)

 1 in 6 couples experience infertility, and there are so many reasons why.

The journey to conceiving a child can sometimes be long, difficult, and lonely - but it doesn’t have to be.

Looking for answers? The support of a Fertility Doula can help you. A fertility journey can be overwhelming, having guidance through all the uncertainty can help you dive deeper into a connection with yourself and your partner. We offer holistic emotional and informational support along your journey to conception whether you’ve just begun trying, you’ve just received an infertility diagnosis, or are doing IVF. Claudia Penate is an experienced Birth Doula and Fertility Nurse, she can support you through the early weeks of pregnancy (or beyond) as well!

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to fertility, so together we will:

  • Look at ALL aspects of you and your lifestyle to see where we can make the most impactful changes

  • Examine the most recent and reliable sources of evidence based information, so you and your partner can make informed decisions

  • Share a completely unbiased, nonjudgmental relationship that you may be missing from family and friends

  • Learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques to cope with anxiety and stress (which is often the biggest fertility hurdle)


You will meet virtually from the comfort and privacy of your home, where we will offer personalized guidance and support for connection, growth and healing on your fertility journey. 

Our Sessions May Include:

  • Reviewing your fertility history, and discussing your goals to assess where we can adjust to optimize fertility.

  • “What’s Next?” session to debrief, review options, and make decisions

  • Examining any limiting beliefs that may be a hindrance in your fertility journey. We will work together to create a balance statement to help you change your mindset.

  • Reviewing your and your partner’s diet and other lifestyle practices, assessing where adjustments can be made to optimize fertility for both of you.

  • Connections to holistic healthcare practitioners (acupuncturists, nutritionists, psychologists, osteopaths, hypnotists, herbalists, chiropractors, etc) to support you on your fertility journey. 


Package Details:

  • Initial consultation and assessment to better understand your current situation and goals (90 min)

  • Weekly video check in sessions (45 min each)

  • Unlimited email support during contracted time


You deserve compassionate guidance from a professional who allow you to find a balanced approach to navigating this path.

Often once we can find deep connections between the mind and body, it leads us to our babies as well!