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Doula Jen visiting one of her Doula babies! 

Postpartum Add On Visit

Welcome Home Visit: $200-$250*

​This is a 3-hour visit to help with:

  • Transitioning from hospital/birth center 

  • Baby's first bath

  • How to care for the Umbilical Cord 

  • Swaddling Tips with your baby

  • Diapering Tips with your baby

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Postpartum Sitz Baths/Padsicle Prep

  • Baby Wearing Tips

  • Unpacking Hospital Bags

This visit can be done by a birth or postpartum doula.  1-3 visits are recommended in the first week home from the hospital.​

*price determined by individual doula. Not all doulas offer this service

The GGDA Doulas offer you a complete circle of care 

Postpartum Support Services

$50-$60* per hour for day support

(4-hour minimum)​

$50-$60* per hour for night support

(8-hour minimum) 

(add $8 per hour for twin families)

*this is a range. prices set by the doulas

Placenta Packages

Happy Pill Package: $300

  • Placenta Pick up

  • Umbilical Cord Keepsake 

  • Complimentary Extras

  • Dosage Instructions 

  • Email/Phone Support for questions about capsules

  • Placenta Tincture add-on with capsules $350.00

  • Placenta Tincture without capsules $125.00

Prenatal or Postpartum Add On Visit

In-Home Baby PrepVisit: $200-$250*

This is a 3-hour visit to help with:

  • Organizing your nursery

  • Swaddling practice

  • Diapering tips and setting up diaper station

  • Wash and sterilize bottles and pumping equipment

  • Helping set up a postpartum plan

  • Basic baby safety tips: how to take a temp, ways to reduce gas and reflux, sleep safety tips. 


1 visit is recommended towards the end of your pregnancy (35/36 weeks).

*price determined by individual doula. Not all doulas offer this service


  • Prepping the Nursery- Your doula will meet with you before your baby arrives to help organize your nursery and go over any last-minute needs or questions.

  • Professional Advice- Once you have retained a GGDA Postpartum Doula, you can reach out for advice or questions regarding postpartum recovery or newborn needs. Your doula is available to answer all those "Is this normal?" questions.  They will guide you and provide educational materials on topics like: burping, swaddling, diapering, baby wearing, sleep safety, car seat safety, SIDS risk/prevention, introducing pets to baby, the list goes on and on!!!

  • Educational Workshops- You and your partner can attend exclusive GGDA workshops to prepare for your birth and the postpartum period.  Due to Shelter in Place orders from the City of San Francisco, we will be offering these workshops online until we can resume in-person workshops. 

  • Online Lactation and Pelvic Floor Clinics- these clinics are great to help prepare for a successful postpartum period! You can attend before and after the birth of your baby.



  • Ways your doula will support you- Your doula will help with baby care, basic healthy feeding, and healthy sleep practices. Your doula will help you establish healthy habits and routines for your baby.

  • Expert Referrals- Your doula can offer referrals if needed for physical recovery.

  • Postpartum Recovery Help- your doula will help your body recover from your recent birth, they are specially trained in cesarean recovery as well as vaginal births. Your doula can help you with perineum Sitz baths, massaging swollen feet/legs, help you to prenatal/pediatric appointments (day doula),  offer resources for postpartum support professionals (pelvic floor therapist, massage, acupuncture, etc)

  • Helping Out- Doula helps wash bottles, breast pump equipment, and baby's laundry, even helps with errands and dog walking.

  • Breast/Chest Feeding Support- The doulas are all experienced in breast/chest feeding and can help you get off to a good start in your breastfeeding journey. This includes: Establishing a good latch, tips and pointers on how to care for your sensitive nipples, pumping routines, paced bottle feeding, etc. If your feeding needs are beyond their scope of practice, they will help get you set up with a personal IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) to address those special needs 

  • Transitioning into Parenthood- Doulas assist in building a healthy attachment to mom and dad. We will help offer referrals as needed to help with the transition into parenthood.

  • Back to Work-  We help parents prepare for returning to work. Setting up a new routine and schedule. If desired, how to continue your breastfeeding journey while at work.

  • Info about Doulas- All the doulas have current background checks, Vaccines, and CPR Certification. References available upon request.