We Want To Be Your Birth Team...

We are here to serve all your prenatal, birth, and postpartum needs!

At the GGDA we offer professional doulas that will work together with you to make your experience something you will always remember.

The Golden Gate Doulas want to work with you, we do not want finances to keep anyone from receiving quality Doula support.

Please let us know if you are experiencing financial hardships and we can discuss payment options or help you find a doula to give you support that fits your budget.  

When you chose to become part of the GGDA Family, you will receive the following exclusive offers with your

Birth and/or Postpartum Package:

  • Complimentary monthly workshops to prepare you for your birth and arrival of your newborn

  • Monthly Drop-in Latch Clinic for breastfeeding moms 

  • Discounted Maternity/Newborn Photography at the GGDA Center

  • Discounted Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Sessions at the GGDA Yoga Studio

  • Access to our Doula Center located in the Heart of San Francisco (Lower Haight) to meet with your doulas or other expecting parents.

  • Final Invoice for your services to submit to your insurance company *

  • One free month of membership to Oath; An intimate community and medical support at your fingertips, from pregnancy to pediatrics. 


Did you know?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Recommends Doula Support!

Read this article on Birth Doula Support:

ACOG recognizes that doulas are one of the most effective tools to reduce cesareans.

Read this article on Postpartum Doula Support:

ACOG recognizes that emotional and physical complications are more likely to arise and remain when adequate support is not available postpartum. 

* please note that we highly recommend you submit an invoice/bill to your insurance company. However, we do not guarantee reimbursement.   


Labor Support Services


  • Free Monthly Workshops-  each month the GGDA hosts a gathering with our clients to help them prepare for their baby's arrival.  We discuss important prenatal and postpartum topics.  Some of those topics include: Newborn Care Essentials, Comfort Techniques During Labor, Breast Feeding Basics, Prepping for Postpartum, Medications Offered at Hospitals and much more! This is a free monthly class offered ONLY to our clients.   Due to Shelter in Place orders from the City of San Francisco, We will be offering these workshops online until we can resume in person workshops. 

  • Mother's Brunch- The Doulas at GGDA host a monthly brunch on the first Monday of each month.  It's a casual way to get to know the doulas in the practice and to meet other new moms or mom-to-be friends. 

  • Dad's Group- We offer a support group for new dads, experienced dads, and dads-to-be.  It's a great way to support and connect to other dads in the area. 

  • Immediate On Call- A doula who will go on call for you as soon as you sign a contract. No need to worry if you go into labor early or past your due date.

  • 2 prenatal visits-  First prenatal we will go over your ideas for your labor, pain management, and assist you with developing a practical birth plan. The second prenatal will be at your home where we will explore a plan for early labor, make sure your bags are packed, practice comfort techniques, and go over any last minute details.  We can provide these prenatal sessions in person or virtual. 

  • Partner prep course- This session is designed to help your partner* have the hands on skills to support you from early labor to pushing support. The doula will show them how to use a TENS unit and other comfort techniques that will help your labor progress. *single birthing people, we can work with any person you would like to designate as an additional support person. We are  currently combining this session with your 2nd prenatal to reduce exposure. 

  • Birth Ball- We will supply you with a custom fitted birth ball to use during your pregnancy and labor. Pro-Tip: they are also great for calming a fussy baby after the birth. 

  • Free TENS unit rental- Once you are at full term, we will provide you with a TENS unit to use at home to help ease the aches and pains of late pregnancy and early labor before your doula arrives. 

  • Professional Information- email and telephone support during your pregnancy and early stages labor to help answer questions, offer support and guidance.

  • Portable Doula Kits- For our clients who are giving birth in a hospital setting during the 1 visitor restriction policy, we have created a portable doula kit for you to take with you to the hospital while the doula is providing virtual support. This kit has many of the tools and tips for your partner to support you through your labor.


  • Labor- Your Doula helps guide you and your partner through all stages of labor.  How to feel safe and cope with early labor, pain management during active labor and stay with you until you meet your baby.

  • Expert Pain Coping Techniques-  our non-medical techniques include acupressure, positioning, aromatherapy, hot/cold therapy, massage and the use of a professional labor TENS unit (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). All of these are safe to use along with the medications given at the hospitals if you chose to have a medicated birth. 

  • Baby's First Feeding Support-   after your baby arrives, your doula will stay with you and help to support you during your "Golden Hour" of skin to skin with your new baby. Your doula can offer guidance and support during the baby's first latch.  If you are birthing in a hospital setting and your doula is providing virtual support, we can support you  virtually or assist you once you are home with lactation guidance. 


  • Postpartum Follow Up-  this visit is about 1-2  hours long, it can be done in the hospital before you are discharged or in your home before the first 3 weeks. The doula who attended your birth can answer any questions you had and share information about your birth. It's also a great time to answer questions about your baby or breast feeding. ​​

  • Stay Connected-  You can choose to stay connected to our family even after you are finished with your service. "Retired" families can attend our Monthly Mom Brunch, Dad's Support Groups, and all our private social media programs.  Once you become "expert" parents, you can share your knowledge with new/expecting parents!  We only allow non-judgmental support and know the importance of finding other parents in the community to network with.  

$2350 for Labor Doula Package​*

(ask about our virtual packages)

We do not want someone to not have a doula due to financial reasons.

We offer a  Low Fee Labor Doula Package to

2 clients per month who are experiencing  financial hardships. 

Postpartum Support Services


  • Prepping the Nursery- Your doula will meet with you before your baby arrives to help organize your nursery and go over any last minute needs or questions.

  • Professional Advice- Once you have retained a GGDA Postpartum Doula, you can reach out for advice or questions regarding postpartum recovery or newborn needs.

  • Free Monthly Workshops- You and your partner can attend monthly workshops to prepare for your birth and postpartum period.  Due to Shelter in Place orders from the City of San Francisco, we will be offering these workshops online until we can resume in person workshops. 

  • In Home Support- Your doula will be available to you after you leave the hospital or as needed


  • Ways your doula will support you-Your doula will help with baby care, basic breastfeeding, and healthy sleep practices. She will help you establish healthy habits and routines for your baby

  • Expert Referrals- Your doula can offer referrals if needed for physical recovery

  • Postpartum Recovery Help- Your doula will help you get that much needed sleep to help you enjoy your postpartum periodShe can assist you with sitz baths to help heal your body after giving birth 

  • Helping Out- She will help wash bottles, breast pump equipment, and baby's laundry 

  • She can help with errands and dog walking

  • Breast Feeding Support- She will teach you how to use your breast pump and help establish a breast pumping routine. You will have the option of additional lactation help from our Board Certified Lactation Consultant in your home for additional visits.

  • Transitioning into Parenthood- She will assist in building healthy attachment to mom and dad. She will help offer referrals as needed to help with the transition into parenthood

  • Back to Work- She will help moms prepare for returning to work. Setting up a new routine and schedule. How to continue your breastfeeding journey while at work. 

$55 per hour for day support

(4 hour minimum)

$52 per hour for night support

(8 hour minimum) 

(add $5 per hour for twin families)

Covid 19 Policy

At this time, our doulas are taking every possible step to reduce risks of exposure to Covid 19. 

The doulas are wearing masks, excessively washing their hands, limiting the number of families they are supporting at one time, changing out of their clothes they wore into the home with new clothes in a sealed bag, and practicing social distancing outside of work. We have always had a policy that doulas would not work if they are ill and we ask that the family please notify us if anyone in their household is ill. We will do our best to reschedule those visits once everyone is symptom free and it is safe to return. Testing can be done upon request. 

We appreciate your understanding in these unprecedented times. We strongly feel that doula support is still very much needed even during, if not needed more, during these stressful times. We also can offer virtual support and have virtual packages available to families who require virtual support. 

We are here to help you and your family get off to a good start!

 For more information regarding virtual   postpartum packages, please email us at:


Additional Add on Services

Placenta Encapsulation Services

Happy Pill Package : $300

  • Placenta Pick up

  • Umbilical Cord Keepsake 

Complimentary Extras

  • Dosage Instructions 

  • Email/Phone Support for questions about capsules

Premium Package : $325

  • Placenta pickup

  • Umbilical cord keepsake

  • Photo/print of Placenta

  • Herbal Postpartum Tea (2-3 week supply)

Complimentary Extras

  • Dosage Instructions

  • Email/Phone Support for capsules/herbs

Ala Carte:

  • Herbal Sitz Bath (1 wk supply) $25.00

  • Herbal Postpartum Tea $25.00

  • Placenta Tincture with capsules $50.00

  • Placenta Tincture without capsules $125.00

This service will be done by a placenta encapsulation specialist.  You will need to reserve your space and sign a contract with the GGDA before giving birth.

Postpartum Add On Visit

Welcome Home Visit : $185

​This is a 3 hour visit to help with:

  • Transitioning from hospital/birth center 

  • Baby's first bath

  • How to care for the Umbilical Cord 

  • Swaddling Tips with your baby

  • Diapering Tips with your baby

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Postpartum Sitz Baths/Padsicle Prep

  • Baby Wearing Tips

  • Unpacking Hospital Bags

This visit can be done by a birth or postpartum doula.  1-3 visits are recommended in the first week home from the hospital.

Prenatal or Postpartum Add On Visit

In Home Baby PrepVisit : $185

​This is a 3 hour visit to help with:

  • Organizing your nursery

  • Swaddling practice

  • Diapering tips and setting up diaper station

  • Wash and sterilize bottles and pumping equipment

  • Helping set up a postpartum plan

  • Basic baby safety tips: how to take a temp, ways to reduce gas and reflux, sleep safety tips

This visit will be done by a postpartum doula.  1 visit is recommended towards the end of your pregnancy (35/36 weeks).

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